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Singapore Escape
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Will Turner
Captain Barbossa
Singapore Pirate
East India Trading Company Soldier






Pirates of the Caribbean


The set 1064 Singapore Escape is a Mega Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean set released in 2006. The set contains a full replica of the Singapore docks and Sao Fengs hideout. Also included are four minifigures of Will Turner, Captain Barbossa with Jack the monkey, a Singapore pirate and an East India Trading Company soldier. This set contains 165 pieces.


The Singapore Escape set replicates the exciting opening adventure scene from the movie where Will Turner is rescued from Sao Feng's pirate gang. The set includes a pit and hut system as well as a secret sewer tunnel passageway, and exploding fireworks cargo, a canoe, a lifting trapdoor and a firecracker launcher.

MegaBrands.com Description

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Captain Barbossa and his crew journey to Singapore in search of an ancient secret, but the East India Trading Company arrives and an explosive battle erupts at the harbor. A highly detailed, 165-piece, fully buildable playset replicates the exciting opening action scene of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The fate of Will Turner is up to you as Barbossa infiltrates Sao Feng’s pirate gang hideout. Modular pier and hut system lets you build the playset into various configurations. Four fully poseable and highly detailed figures with accessories are included: Will Turner, Captain Barbossa with Jack the monkey, Singapore pirate and East India Trading Company soldier. Recreate the adventure with secret treasure, an opening sewer passageway, canoe, lifting trapdoor, exploding fireworks cargo and firecracker launcher. Look for a hidden webcode inside toy to unlock information online! For a wild seafarin’ adventure, match Singapore Escape with Flagship Battlers Black Pearl (1069) and Flagship Battlers Flying Dutchman (1070).



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