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Whiplash Showdown
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Iron Man 2


The set 1980 Whiplash Showdown is a MEGABLOKS Iron Man 2 set released in 2010. The set contains a race car for Iron Man and a Whip vehicle for Whiplash. Also included are 2 minifigures of Iron Man in Mark V armour and Whiplash. This set contains 172 pieces.


Bring the conflict to life in this fun Iron Man 2 construction set. You can re-create the movie scene with Iron Man and Whiplash. Build a race car for Iron Man and a Whip vehicle for Whiplash and bring the battle into you house.

MegaBrands.com Description

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Recreate the iconic movie scene of Tony Stark in his Mark V armor against Whiplash with the Iron Man 2 Showdown playset! With 172 buildable pieces you can build and rebuild the Whiplash Showdown or construct your own Iron Man vs. Whiplash scenes! Playset comes with Iron Man Mark V and Whiplash. Construct Tony’s race car and hit high speeds to rush to the scene with “Pull-Back and Release” racing action! Whiplash’s battle walker is equipped with a missile launcher that really fires and transforms into a flight pod to take the fight into the air! Duel to the end and decide if Iron Man can survive Whiplash’s relentless attack and incredible technology!

Create your own Iron Man 2 scenes for hours of fun!


   * Includes 172 buildable pieces
   * Iron Man Mark V vs. Whiplash – you decide who wins!
   * Buildable Iron Man Mark V and Whiplash
   * Build and drive Tony’s race car with “Pull-Back” racing action!
   * Build and pilot Whiplash’s Battle Walker with leg launcher that really fires and transforms into a flight pod!



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