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Mark VI Metalon
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Iron Man 2


The set 29546 Mark VI Metalon is a MEGABLOKS Iron Man 2 set released in 2010. The set contains Iron Man in Mark VI red and gold armour. This set contains 26 pieces.


This set is one of summer 2010's Iron Man 2 releases and introduces fans to a brand-new Iron Man armor style, the red-and-gold Iron Man Mark VI armor. This is the latest designs from the mind of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, and armed with new weapon technologies and featuring the latest refinements. The armor can be built with the Iron Man 2 Metalons from Mega Blox to create a bendable armor from 26 metal and magnetic pieces.

MegaBrands.com Description

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The Mark VI is the latest refined design of Tony Stark.s Iron Man armor, packed with all sorts of new gadgets and weapons including the new triangular shaped repulsor technology. The Mark VI is a full 6. buildable set of armor with 26 magnetic pieces. With its revolutionary magnetic design, The Mark IV can be built and taken apart in seconds. All Iron Man 2 MetalOns are fully compatible with each other, allowing you to build your own custom armors for any situation! The Mark VI is fully poseable so that you can build, play and display!


   * Includes 26 buildable magnetic pieces
   * A full buildable 6. magnetic suit of new Mark VI armor.
   * Fast Build-N-Play action!
   * Interchangeable parts . build your own custom armors for any situation!
   * Fully poseable character to build, play and display!



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