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Freaky Fill-Up
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Alien Agency


The set 5601 Freaky Fill-Up is a MEGABLOKS Alien Agency set released in 2002. The set features the Arrival building of the Alien Agency which masquerades as a Gas Station. This set contains 95 pieces.


The set up of the Freaky Fill Up resembles the inside of the Men In Black headquarters with lots of colour panels, operation grids and planet tracking screens. The outside of the building looks like your average gas station complete with pumps, overhead lights and a cool motorcycle but the inside is the “Alien Agency”. There is a green see through panel on the front of the box which can be removed or left attached to the box and used to view the various aliens through.

The soda dispenser doubles up as an alien chamber. One side looks like a coin operated machine whilst the other is clear. The flip top lid allows you to place an alien in it for safe keeping or for one of the agents to give them the once over to see if they are dangerous and need to be neutralized.


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