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Battlestorm Castle
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The set 96001 Battlestorm Castle is a Mega Bloks Dragons set released in 2006. The set features a huge castle of the Aurios army, along with 3 buildable dragons Skullrattle, Groggskorn and Rynther plus 6 warrior minifigures made up of three warriors from the Aurios side (Rimmerstryke, Augustor, and Wrangbryn) and three from the opposing Argentix camp (Strykastel, Dryaxor, and Stielbane). This set contains 405 pieces.


This set can be used to create small battle scenes or the large castle. You can defend the Castle with a firing ballista and launching catapult, it has a drawbridge that can be lowered or raised, and secret trap areas. Two vehicles are also included so that your army can more easily move around if under attack.

Included in this set are three warriors from the Aurios side (Rimmerstryke, Augustor, and Wrangbryn) and three from the opposing Argentix camp (Strykastel, Dryaxor, and Stielbane). Other accessories that come with the set are a creature, a wizard, the highly sought-after Mitewizen Plasma Krystal, and three fully poseable dragons: Skullrattle, Groggskorn, and Rynther.

Battlestorm Castle is the scene of an ultimate face-off between the Aurios and Argentix armies. A climactic conflict bound to either resolve or completely fuel the never-ending wars between these armies of powerful dragons, beasts, and warriors. Though the Aurios will valiantly defend Battlestorm Castle against the invading Argentix forces, it is he who controls the Dragons Crest and Plasma Krystals that controls the destiny of the realm.

Battlestorm Castle harbors dark secrets and built atop a dragon’s nest, it is rumored that parts of the castle can attach to dragons in mystical ways and activate insurmountable powers.

MegaBrands.com Description

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Building the legend reaches the ultimate stage with this 405-piece, easy-to-build, multiple-construction-options Battlestorm Castle!

It is said that this magnificent edifice was built atop a dragons' sacred nest. It is even rumored that parts of the castle can attach to the dragons themselves in mystical combinations What's more, Battlestorm Castle boasts two launching catapults, a lowering drawbridge, secret traps, and chromed parts all at your control. FIre the ballista or defend walls with the working catapult.

To keep your story as adventurous as possible, Battlestorm Castle comes with 3 fierce, fully poseable dragons: Skullrattle, Groggskorn and Rynther.

Included in this ultimate building experience and poised to make their mark on Battlestorm Castle are 6 warriors: Rimmerstryke, Augustor and Wrangbryn wear gold and fly the Aurios' flag; Strykastel, Dryaxor and Stielbane are a dazzling silver and committed to the Argentix.

Also included with Battlestorm Castle, is the powerful and highly sought Mitewizen Plasma Krystal, with which you may harness unheard of possibilities.

Rebuild Battlestorm Castle with Dragonstone Battlefield (9648), and there's no telling just where your adventures will take you.



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