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Raiders Keep
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6 x Iron Raider
4 x Draigar Warrior








The set 9650 Raiders Keep is a Mega Bloks Dragons set released in 2004 as part of the Iron Raiders series. The set contains a buildable Red Dragon figure, a Vorgan Beast plus 10 warrior minifigures of the Iron Raiders and Draigar armies. This set contains 160 pieces. It all comes packaged in a collectible storage tin.


This set includes 10 Iron Raider and Draigar warriors, a vorgan beast, a red dragon, 2 war-horses, multiple weapons, 2 war machines and a krystal with base. It all comes packaged in a collectible storage tin.

The tower as a whole is really good looking with a wonderful bridge that leads to the tower and little details like torches and dragons heads. There is a red dragon named Ignistrafe and a monster named Grovel. The dragon is very detailed and has over 6 different colors. The minifigures included are 6 Iron Raiders and 4 Draigar warriors which are basically repaints of Dragair, Norvagen, and Vorgan minifigures, all which came from the previous series, the Krystal wars. Also in the set are a catapult, a harpoon launcher, 2 horses, and a large selection of weapons and shields. The weapons come in all sort of shapes, and clubs, swords, and axes make up most of them.

There are loads of interesting pieces in this set aces that area such as triangle castle walls, rocks and rock walls, ladders, dragons heads, torches, 2 stone arches, stairs, a few basic bricks, lots of baseplates, and a flag and pole. Everything needed to make a castle, bridge, or some other medieval structure is here, making the kit a great parts and building pack. There is also a crystal, which, when inserted into a holder, lights up and flashes which you can also plug into the red dragon's saddle to have the same thing happen.

MegaBrands.com Description

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The home of the Iron Raiders is a dark and terrible tower. This giant structure reaches high into the dark sky, as black and evil as those who control its walls. It is said that any prisoners who enter its massive gates are never seen again. Here, the powerful Raider warlord has established his base of power, protected by a mutant Vorgan beast, a bank of war machines, and the most fearsome warriors and weapons in the Raider arsenal. But Raiders Keep is not invincible. An epic battle looms as heroic Draigar soldiers and the awesome Red Dragon begin the attack that may yet spell the end for the Iron Raiders.



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