96822 Combat Unit III

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Combat Unit III
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2 x Green UNSC Spartan
Yellow UNSC Flame Marine
2 x Covenant Elite Guard


8 +






The set 96822 Combat Unit III is a MEGABLOKS Halo set released in 2009. The set was basically an extension pack allowing you to build up your armies and only included the 5 minifigures of two Green UNSC Spartans, one Yellow UNSC Flame Marine and Two Purple Covenant Elite Guards. This set contains 13 pieces and this is mainly the mini-figures and their weapons.


All the soldiers are equipped with their appropriate weaponry.

Bring the legendary universe of Halo Wars to life with thr Halo Wars Battle Unit to expand your army. Choose an alliance, build the battle and emerge victorious!

MegaBrands.com Description

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The Earth-Covenant war has accounted for 30+ years of casualties on both sides – build and replenish your armies with the Halo Wars Combat Unit 3 from Mega Bloks! The expansion pack includes 5 fully articulated mini-figures of the game’s key soldiers from The UNSC and The Covenant with matching weapons. Prepare UNSC troops to meet The Covenant in a head-to-head battle to decide the outcome of the War – re-create epic battles from the video game franchise or build you own! Will the UNSC prevail over their overwhelming enemy or will the Covenant succeed in exterminating the Human race?

Choose your side and rout the enemy with sheer numbers!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up.


   * Two Green UNSC Spartan II
   * One Yellow UNSC Flame Marine
   * Two Purple Covenant Elites
   * 5 weapons; 2 Covenant Beam Rifles, 1 NA4 Flamethrower , 1 SMG, and 1 Shotgun



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