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Vorgan Ice Fang
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3 x Fyren Warrior
4 x Vorgan Warrior








The set 9879 Vorgan Ice Fang is a MEGABLOKS Dragons set released in 2004 as part of the Fire & Ice series. The set features a half completed Vorgan ship called The Ice Fang, along with a buildable Ice Dragon figure of GulKhan plus 7 warrior minifigures of 3 Fyren and 4 Ice Vorgan warriors. This set contains 190 pieces.


The Vorgan Ice Fang Ship might make some shiver with fear. The Ice Fang is a Vorgan vessel that looks like it was carved out of ice and it’s pulled through the frozen seas by a ferocious light-up dragon. The ship is battle ready with working ice cannons, dragon skull battering ram, magnetic ice crane and lots of warriors and accessories. The fully articulated dragon has flapping wings, light-up chest and a flexible tail and there is also an articulated Vorgan beast with snapping jaws.

The Vorgans, those dastardly invaders who continue to wreak havoc upon their unfortunate neighbors are at it again. This time they've raided a Norvagen shipyard and captured an impressive Man-O-War ship, or at least most of one. The ship wasn't actually finished yet but in a somewhat unusual bit of subcontracting, they've enlisted an evil Ice Dragon to round out their arsenal and attack both the Norvagens and the poor people of Draigar.

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