Dragons Universe

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Dragons Universe
Dragons Universe Theme.jpg

2010 - 2011


Rise of the Predavors

Dragons Universe is a Mega Bloks theme first released in 2010 and continued in 2011. The sets combined classic buildable dragons with a space theme featuring new spaceships and warriors. Each space vehicle has a handle so that it can be flown and the handle also doubles as landing gear.

The basis of the Dragons Universe Rise of the Predavors series was that Soldiers of the Alliance are under attack from an alien race called the Predavors who are warlike Dragons. The Alliance have invaded the Predavors planet in search of Power Cores which are both the energy source of the Predavor's life and the Alliance's machines and weapons.

Items like the Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter and the Alliance Hawk assault aircraft can take on the dragons called Blackheart or Clawripper. Or there is the Deluxe Dual Blast Dragon Hunter or the Ultimate Dragon Destroyer which is armed with missile launchers, a special landing gear and highly realistic battle sounds.

In the series sets with larger Dragons Eggs fight for the Alliance like Starblaze and Flamedrake that not only include a dragon, but rider as well. On the Predavors side is the mighty Icestorm and Venomfang dragons both with cannons and special protective powers. The Alliance is strengthened with Speeders called Colt, Albatross and Raven whilst the Predavors fight against them with Terager, Amberblast and Hydrobolt. Other sets include the Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter and the Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter with a functioning missile launcher. The greatest Alliance battleship of all is the Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer with landing gear and missile launchers as well as awesome lights and electronic sounds.

List of Sets

95102U Blind Pack Series 1
95106 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95107 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95108 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95109 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95120 Hydrobolt
95121 Amberblast
95122 Terager
95123 Albatross
95124 Raven
95129 Colt
95130 Starblaze
95131 Flamedrake
95132 Venomfang
95133 Icestorm
95134U Alliance Figure Pack
95134V Alliance Troop Pack
95135 Goldrage
95137 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95138 5 Dragon Battle Pack
95141 Alliance Fig Pack
95142 Predavor Fig Pack
95202 Clawripper
95203 Blackheart
95204 Torchwing
95205 Tailspike
95207 Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter
95208 Hyper Assault Dragon Slayer
95213 Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter
95214 Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer
95217 Ultimate Dragon
95226 Fleshtear
95227 Skullcrush
95228 Ironclaw
95229 Falcon
95230 Stallion
95231 Eagle
95233 Thunder Voseus
95234 Blizzard Glaragon
95235 Assault Excaliga
95236 Blaze Jinryu
95237 Chaos Orzorus
95238 Chrono Kaizer
95239 Ultimate Battle Set
95255 Freeze Glaryu
95256 Soul Kaiga
95257 Azure Striker
95258 Ruin Orzero
95259 Shock Vosanu
95260 Bloodstone Raider
99626 Captain Niveus