Iron Raiders

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Iron Raiders


Subtheme of:


Iron Raiders is a subtheme of the Dragons theme and was active between 2003 and 2005.


The Iron Raiders subtheme focuses on a band of pillaging warriors who terrorize the Dragons world. There are two small tins (with large war machines like catapults), a small troop builder set with a dragon and a small backdrop structure, a large troop builder set with a bunch o' guys, dragons and horses, and the Raiders' own home.

The Iron Raiders themselves are composed of all the different types of characters from Draigar to Vorgan but painted black, with copper trim and highlights. Each character has two weapons instead of the usual one weapon, one shield. As an army the are quite warlike, or a bunch of berserkers.



The monster's jaws snap shut when opened


Ignistrafe - red dragon

The dragons wings flap and their claws can pick up minifigures.

The dragons also have a seat on their back so the warriors can sit there. The dragons have a place on their back so a krystal can be put on there and it will light up.

The Five Krystals

Iron Raiders


The Draigar army has golden armour and their king is called Padraig.

The Draigar Warriors are;