Krystal Wars

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Krystal Wars


Subtheme of:


Krystal Wars is a subtheme of the Dragons theme and was active between 2003 and 2005.


The Krystal Wars subtheme is based around three tribes the Norvagens and Vorgans who are the evil warriors and the draigars who are the good warriors.

There are six dragons and four beasts in this subtheme, the main differentiater being the beasts have hair but the dragons don't.


All the beasts have circles on there hands so a chain can be attached to it. The beasts have two circles under their hair so that a warrior can stand there.


All the dragons have circles on there necks so a chain can be attached to it. The dragons also have a seat on their back so the warriors can sit there. The dragons have a place on their back so a krystal can be put on there and it will light up.

The Five Krystals

There are five different krystals in the subtheme Blue,Brown,Gold,Red and Yellow. If the Krystals are on a dragon or a special place in the set that has four little circles with a hole in the middle they light up.


The Vorgans have green skin and wear brown armour and their king is called Volamog.

The Vorgan Warriors are;

  • Balkhangal
  • Larggar
  • Yazbrod
  • Darbagar
  • Volrog
  • Ghashnarg
  • Karag
  • Urgmog
  • Azghar
  • Bolog
  • Volnarg
  • Tarkbog
  • Ogagel
  • Kabal


The Norvagen army has teal armour and their king is called Vasterlan.

The Norvagen Warriors are;

  • Kalborg
  • Varmman
  • Stocklo
  • Hallslang
  • Vallad
  • Sodergard
  • Tonsland
  • Ostgard
  • Ymir
  • Fialar
  • Blodag
  • Lodar
  • Norrvik
  • Veltnes
  • Vellag
  • Kalger
  • Hedsand
  • Hjel
  • Thok
  • Bodfors
  • Gotefad
  • Stalgot
  • Gotelag
  • Eldir


The Draigar army has golden armour and their king is called Padraig.

The Draigar Warriors are;

  • Irondread
  • Spellbrand
  • Dreadleg
  • Blacbrow
  • Hammerbeart
  • Raingrim
  • Oakenlock
  • Ironeye
  • Silverstaff
  • Ravenglow
  • Bittergrim
  • Tallblade
  • Hawkblade
  • Longstrider
  • Blacktomb
  • Dreadstone
  • Grimspear
  • Asharm
  • Doomshadow
  • Fellaxe
  • Rainchard
  • Aleslade
  • Darkwind
  • Lockeye